How to Make and Use Salt Puffy Paint

How to Make and Use Salt Puffy Paint is part of Process art – Here’s how to make and use DIY salt puffy paint with kids (with a video showing the art activity in action!) This is a triedandtrue favorite process art material and technique for children of all ages Have you tried salt puffy paint Not many people I know have, but it’s awesome The paint is simply a mix of equal parts salt, flour, and water with a bit of tempera paint added for color So super easy and inexpensive to make! You apply it with a squeeze bottle (half the fun!) or an icing bag, and because of the viscosity of the paint, it stays raised, like frosting Hence the ‘puffy paint’ even though it’s not actually puffy to the touch Once the paint dries, it’s hard and crystalline (all that salt!) What’s cool is that the colors stay separate rather than mix You could squeeze out a puddle of yellow salt paint, then add drops of blue on top and those drops of blue would hold their shape and color and separateness until dried Everyone seems to love using this kind of paint! From youngest toddlers just getting the joy of squeezing a bottle and watching the paint come out to older

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